Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Same Train, Different Station

I do not believe events and opportunities happen as a result of chance.  No, I believe the smallest to the grandest occurrences are divinely planned and orchestrated.  As I grow in wisdom, I see the orchestration of events performed line by line in my life, as well as the life of others.  Yet, there are many of life’s incidences to which I have no comprehension to their purpose.

It appears life is now teaching me and begging me to have faith and believe.  Could it be we are all riding the same train through life and our faith in ourselves and others determine the station where we stop?  A friend was sharing her initiative in buying a new house.  Several months ago she had found a house she liked but financially she wasn’t ready.  She told herself, if the house was meant to be hers when she was ready it would be available.  Sure enough, the house is still available.  She is currently negotiating for the house at a great price.

Lately, I’ve been looking for a Vita-Mix blender.  Like my friend, I thought if it is meant for me to have one, it will appear at a great price.  Guess what?  Sunday on QVC, the Vita-Mix was on sale.  My friend and I both believed for something we wanted.  We were willing to let events to flow without forcing anything to happen.  And we both are receiving what we wanted.  However my friend is getting a $300,000 house and I’m getting a $500.00 blender.  Maybe, I should have stayed on the train to the next station.  : )

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