Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Passe Marriage

Last week I heard on the radio people discussing marriage.  Their point was, centuries ago people's life spans were shorter allowing them to live in monogamous relationships easier. According to their argument, lifespans are considerably longer now and to expect a marriage til death do we part is not realistic.  People outgrow each other over the years and life changes.  Having multiple relationships throughout one's lifetime is a better expectation. 

While their argument sounds very logical, it made wonder.  Marriage was an institution formed for many reasons; spiritual, economic, and political.  By saying marriage is passe are we using our lifespans as an excuse not to respect this ancient covenant?  It's evident in our society many people look for a way out of contracts and responsibilities through the number of law suits.  By not having marriage would we be absolving ourselves from any type of commitment?

What would our world be like without marriage? What name would you give your child?  Would another ceremony would take the place of marriage?  The impact on the laws and lawyers would be phenomenal. People may continue to make arguments for or against marriage. But the fact is, the covenant of marriage is so ingrained throughout our lives, it won't become passe for a long time. 

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